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Sherri LaClaire

SMW Founding Member / Regional Marketing Director

SMW is the first place ever where each person is celebrated, loved, and accepted no matter the road or journey they are on. To be themselves and learn to teach, to elevate, to inspire to be the person, the real authentic person, they were meant to be. Come on, join us here where you WILL experience the EXTRAORDINARY!

"Ignite Your Destiny" event, we were all so filled with anticipation as the event drew closer and closer we knew it was going to be good we just didn't know how good.

Well I'm here to say I have never experienced so much strength illuminated from real people, real life. We laughed, we cried, we felt the passion of each speaker ready and willing to pour their hearts out, to seek the lessons in each ...I'm so honored to be a part of the Self Made Woman movement.

I'm excited about Self Made Woman because it started with a dream and a vision.

This is a GAME CHANGER, to reach out to those who seek more for their lives. A place where we as women can be our true, authentic, passionate, uplifting, creative, self. A place to get out of my comfort zone, so I stretch to that new and exciting level.

Thank you Cynthia for stepping out and following your dream/vision, and showing us we can have so much more.

Thank you Self Made Woman!

Cindy Goodson

SMW Founding Member / Regional Marketing Director

I'm so thankful for the SMW Community. This group of amazingly dynamic, sexy and savvy women have been through everything, experienced every emotion and yet, have upleveled themselves, planted their feet and asked the universe "what's next?" These are my kind of women!

"Ignite Your Destiny" was a first of its kind! I loved the super sexy outside the traditional box of empowerment conference style of presentation! The launch of SMW was WILDLY SUCCESSFUL! I came away from the event with several valuable nuggets from Jim Britt's tips on letting go in order to get ahead, to the Delaney's relationships success principals.
It was an evening of the highest levels of energy, amazing talks and teachings and awesome performances! 

Bretta Kelly

SMW Member

The women I've met through Self Made Woman and then witnessed speaking at the "Ignite Your Destiny" event are the most inspiring, loving and genuine women.

I feel so blessed to be part of this movement!
The speakers left me feeling so grateful, humble and empowered. Learning and embracing the messages from their stories and experiences will stay with me forever!

Michelle Nunez

"Ignite Your Destiny" Participant

I think Self Made Woman is changing everything! This movement is going to shatter glass ceilings that we not only face in society but within our minds! Lives are already changing and this is the beginning! The path for success, no matter what that means to you, is laid out here. If you have forgotten your dreams, they will be reawakened and achievable! For over a decade this has been a labor of love for Cynthia Delaney, a truly self made woman and supported and lifted up by a pair of extraordinary Self Made Warriors, Mr. Bill and Dillon Delaney.

"Ignite Your Destiny" lit the fire in everyone that not only attended, but everyone that came in contact with our tribe! The Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain Resort had not seen the likes of this! "Ignite" was not just a learning experience, it was a social hour event! More like 10 social hours! That was just Saturday! This weekend was completely raw! The speakers poured into us their experiences and life lessons and showed us how to come out on top! We looked deep into our souls as we were led into transformation! I wanted to bottle every bit of this adventure to take with me!

I'm excited about SMW Memberships because it is an interactive community! Not only will I be able to pick and choose different topics that I want to focus on in my life for improvement, I will be able to do this with the help of the experts! This inner circle will allow us to contribute to the vision of Self Made Woman! Is there any better feeling than being able to help someone else reach their goals while reaching your own? Not for me!

Lauri Lewallen

"Ignite Your Destiny" Participant

Self Made Woman is a unique movement that is long overdue and unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced. SMW is about lifting women up and helping them to find the gifts within them and then empowering them to go out and use those gifts.
I was honored to speak at the first ever SMW event. I walked away invigorated and touched by the entire event as well as the other speaker's stories. Cynthia Delaney, Founder of Self Made Woman and dear friend of mine, has assembled some of the best trainers and speakers in the industry to help us grow in every aspect of our lives...spiritually, mentally, physically and in business.

Cynthia is one of the most selfless, hard working and giving people I have ever met. It seems only natural for her to create Self Made Woman because I know this platform will help millions of women that have desperately been seeking all that SMW offers. I would like to personally welcome you to Self Made Woman. You have found your tribe!

Kelli Locatelli

SMW Member

First and foremost I must give massive recognition and complete gratitude for Cynthia Delaney. Words fall flat in comparison to how I truly feel and how incredible she is, the lives she has touched including mine.
You have to simply experience the transfer of authenticity, love, with amazing business savvy add a vision with Ignite Your Destiny Tour which is unparalleled to anything I've been privileged to be involved with. As an Inspirational Speaker and Sur-Thriverist THIS movement, Self Made, is where we all feel more love, more gratitude, absolute self worth and inspiration to share it with as many as possible! You obtain life tools, a priceless and selfless gift!!

Sheila Burnham

SMW Member

Self Made Woman is a rapidly growing community of amazing individuals from all walks of life. Cynthia Delaney, founder of Self Made Woman, had a vision of bringing together thousands of people to a place of growth and empowerment. Well, that vision has become a reality and I could not be more excited! Here at Self Made Woman, we have a plethora of knowledge and information at our fingertips from people who have "been there, done that". And, we have the opportunity to tap into this information for personal growth and development, relationships, health and wellness, finances, and many other areas to empower us level up! And it's all in one place! 
The first "Ignite Your Destiny" event kicked off our year end, and what a send off!! Everyone attending and participating in this event had adrenaline rushing through their veins as we soaked in the messages spoken. I have never been to an event that has moved me like "Ignite Your Destiny"! I had the honor of being one of the "Up and Coming Speakers", and am so grateful for the experience! SMW is an arena that embraces and ignites personal growth. It adds fuel to the fire of your life! Be sure to watch for the upcoming events as you don't want to miss any of it! 
Also, be sure to become an SMW Member! 

SMW provides an "inner circle" where members can participate and contribute to SMW's growth and their own personal growth. I have never seen anything like this before. And, leave it to Cynthia Delaney to provide an arena to build others up. This is a "pay it forward", help others achieve massive goals kind of place! Thank you SMW!

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