About the Founder

Hi, I am Cynthia Delaney, a mother, a wife, a friend, an entrepreneur, global speaker, designer & lover of life! Some would say I am a freedom fighter or dream builder! I am all of the above! I have learned to own it! I am grateful! I have a very driven and loving spirit which has been the fuel to some of my life’s biggest achievements! Helping others experience an abundant life is an incredible experience!

What is SMW?

We want to welcome you to this incredible movement and encourage you to get connected to the beautiful women here. From teachers to authors and celebrities, to stay at home mother, there are amazing stories of women overcoming and achieving. We are a movement for women, by women and it’s about time! I have a deep passion for helping women find their strength!


Self Made Woman focuses on celebrating each woman for their individuality! We celebrate and elevate women and their achievements and the men who celebrate and elevate them! SMW has a social media online presence and following from across the U.S. and women are joining from around the world! We offer an online magazine and webinars that help connect women and their knowledge, skill sets, and hearts to elevate others and their quality of life.

If you’re a woman who isn’t ready to throw in the towel, but instead looking to kick it up and be the best version of yourself, then SMW is the platform, resource, tribe, and movement for you. 

What's in it for you?

A Tribe of Women

Who celebrate your life... Elevate your dreams... Encourage you to ignite your destiny 

Transformational Events
10 Day Challenge Online Event . "Ignite Your Dreams" Online Event .

"Ignite Your Destiny" "Ignite Your Life" Events 

Income Opportunities
Affiliates . Trainers

How can you get involved?

SMW has something available for everyone!


Whether you want to get involved with one of our Online Events or start an "Ignite Your Life" Event in your area or anything in between. 


A great place to start is one of our Memberships! You will have access to our private community of women and stay up to date on all things SMW!


Then contact us and we'll point you in the right direction of where to start next!


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